Behold The Empire….epitome of timeless music.


E-Hos has aspirations just like every other artist. What separates him from the other entertainers dying for a shot at the industry is his ethical and business-savvy mindset. Challenging the mindsets of the listener is his goal. “I believe that just because a rapper experienced a certain situation in their life, does not mean it is worthy of a musical content. So many just overdo it. It’s a million people tryna get in this game…somethin’s GOTTA stand out…and it’s hard to do that when everybody claims to be different” A 23 year old Hip-Hop artist and songwriter from the Cobbs Creek section of West Philadelphia, E-Hos writes about relevant life experiences and speaks on harsh realities from the viewpoint of a positive young man stuck in the hood. What makes E-Hos very unique is the use of an extensive vocabulary and a versatile flow that exhibits his intellectuality. His lyrics encourage living life with a unique blend of topics such as chivalry, partying, education and family values and very illustrative storytelling. He has been compared to the likes of Common, Will Smith, Guru, and Mos Def with his very soulful beat selection. “Balancing work and partying is needed, encouraging anything else is unreal.” This young artist has a desire to increase the value of life to “the hood”. To let them know that there is more to life than fast money and killing each other and tries to “educate without preaching”.

E-Hos is a natural born entertainer. He began rapping at the age of ten and his passion for rap and has been performing on stage and has won back-to-back Battle of the Band competitions.  He is always recording new music and performing in many different venues. “My loved ones who passed before me are my “Guardian Angels” who drive me to continue.” During the summer of 2005, E-Hos’ big cousin Clifton O. Robinson Jr. (“Cliffy”) lost his life in a tragic accident. The tragedy prompted E-Hos to begin the Power Energy Aggression (P.E.A) movement in dedication not only to his big cousin, but to all of his lost loved ones.

Attended Saint Josephs University in Philadelphia, PA E-Hos majored in Business Management. He plans on applying his management and marketing skills into the marketing and promotion of his new album and future ventures. E-Hos plans on incorporating his P.E.A movement into the streets of Philadelphia, and many other impoverished streets all over the country. His goal is to open a movie/video production company entitled P.E.A Productions along with P.E.A. Publishing for aspiring writers. His hopes is to extend his product and make it marketable worldwide. “I want to tap into different markets such as other genres of music, movie production, food marketing, community services, and recreational activites to keep the youth from roaming the streets aimlessly.” New music, updates and more contact information on E-Hos can be found at and at


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