Behold The Empire….epitome of timeless music.


12elve Hours Later EP- A 5-track EP released in November of 2011 by Cartell, E-Hos and Kidd Casual that was conceptualized, written, recorded in 12 hours along with a photoshoot for the cover and a video shoot. Click the cover art to download or just click this link:
UnderEstimated- Release September 30th, 2011
18-track solo mixtape that was released by E-Hos with production by two up and coming producers out of the Philadelphia area AO, Rellz Wit Tha Beats, amongst a selection of industrial instrumentals. Highlights of this mixtape are “Uncle Ruckus”, where E-Hos speaks on how ashamed he is of the African American community and gives what he calls “brutal honesty”, “Quit Work Make Music”, and “Release”. With over 800 downloads of this mixtape, he is no longer trying to be “UnderEstimated”.

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